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"Key Client Services" is a description of Kenneth A Edelstein All Purpose Certified New York Mobile Notary, find out more about me FAST in Google. It is the New York Notary, NYC Notary and Manhattan Notary service level commitment that I provide to you, my Key Client. To me, you are a "Key Client" and I will do everything possible to provide the New York Notary related services you need in a prompt and efficient manner. My approach is not "one shot." I strive to earn your trust and to be of service as a NY Notary on a regular basis. You are my "Key Client" and I promise to provide a service level that will exceed your expectations. That is what I call "Key Client Services." Being a lifelong Manhattan resident, and full time New York Notary Public with no other employment, allows me to respond quickly to most NYC Notary clients. That's my home address above, the 212 number is my home telephone number. I am also Nexus "Background Checked" and a "Elite" Certified New York Notary Public. My Notary services include: NYC Fingerprinting, NY Apostille Processing and obtaining New York Legalization of documents at the Embassy or Consulate necessary for foreign business acceptance. I am a member of both The Better Business Bureau of New York and the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce. These are real accreditations (logos, bottom of page, are clickable links to my page on their site.) I truly believe in a consumer oriented philosophy. Key aspects are: open disclosure of who I am, where I live, how to reach me; and full support of the most ethical business practices. D&B D-U-N-S Number: 82-772-3342 Tip: Shortcut to my other, and newer site is: "" - notary public (dot) For Me. For this site you can use "".

 Everything I do is 100% Guaranteed - Money Back or ReDo - Your Choice

Welcome to my site, my name is Kenneth A Edelstein. You can view the status of my New York Notary Public License here: New York Mobile Notary. Why the “Mobile”? In our security conscious world, notaries need greater expertise and training. One result is that the neighborhood NYC Notary has for the most part disappeared. Being "old enough," I can recall when there was a New York Notary in every neighborhood. Now, with the increasing demand for expensive insurance, record keeping requirements, and the growing complexity of the New York notary laws and procedures; it’s a full time job to “keep up.” In the hectic and fast paced environment of New York State and especially NYC, it is often difficult and time consuming to find a Manhattan Notary Public when you need one. I am a all purpose certified traveling NYC Mobile Notary Public who is available, by appointment, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. I will come to your New York location, your access to NY Notary Services  can be scheduled, with certainty, in advance. It will no longer be difficult (or time consuming), to find a NYC Notary Public when you need one. I arrive with a complete mobile notary workstation (it's almost 20 pounds!) with many forms, multiple sizes of New York Notary stamps, multiple sizes of embossers, gold foil, and other supplies to insure the job is done correctly. The notarized name must match the identification shown to me for my Mobile Notary Certification of the signature. My other workstation is for fingerprinting; ready for even the "hard to fingerprint" subjects. Larger and heavier than my notary workstation; it contains the best tools available. My latest listing from the NY Department of State, Licensing Services is here.

Sandra, my wife, and I have a combined 35 years of New York Notary experience, advanced training, the best equipment, and a complete knowledge of how to apply NY Notary Law to your requirements. Be assured your documents will be notarized, and, if necessary, Authenticated, Apostille processed, or receive Legalization properly. Collectively, we have issued well over 10,000 New York Notarizations without a single challenge to our Notarizations. My NYC Notary Public services are not expensive, as I prefer to establish a lasting relationship, I keep my rates fair. I schedule intelligently, allowing for NYC traffic, most times arriving 15 minutes early to my appointments. I am retired and am available to work both "prime time" and to work evenings - late into the night. I have done rush notarizations arriving on my 1974 Honda CB360 Motorcycle, in corporate boardrooms, on movie sets, and in some of our city's finest hotel suites. I continue to innovate and expand both the types of services; and my "portable workstations" to meet the growing need for Professional NYC Notary work.  We want to help, and we will provide Manhattan, NYC, and statewide New York Mobile Notary services in a reliable and cost effective manner.  We will do anything that is legal, and makes economic sense for you, my Key Client, and for us.

I invite you to explore my site. You won't find pompous plans, self praise or boasts. I have limited my listed memberships to a select few important ones, relevant to your notary selection process. There are no published accolades of praise from my clients, though I have many. I prefer to maintain their privacy. What you will find has been carefully written and edited to present a large amount of useful information. Most of my web pages have checklists, tips or suggestions on how to get what you need - the first time. My published articles expand on what is here on my site. As a "change of pace," I have written very detailed and graphically illustrated instructions on how to make a ring out of a dollar bill; a delightful project for the little ones. Thank You for visiting my web site.

I have been asked if I wrote the words on this site. The answer is a solid Yes. Every word is mine. I also created and maintain this site. Any and all errors of spelling or punctuation are mine and mine alone.









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