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Notary Certification & Apostille Processing -
Same Day & Next Day Service

All work Guaranteed

Your valuable and often irreplaceable documents (e.g.: a Latvian Marriage Record from a destroyed courthouse) are always in my possession till delivered to you. I never use a messenger service or trust your document to anyone else. I process it myself from start to finish.

I have been specializing in New York, NYC and Manhattan Apostille Processing (Authentication of documents for international use) and obtaining Notary Authentication Certificates for over 5 years.  The Apostille, which authenticates the signatures and stamps appearing on most documents, is becoming increasingly popular. It is frequently required in International commerce, foreign country real estate transactions, adoptions, Affidavits and for Power of Attorney transactions.  Countries around the world have adopted this security procedure for its simplicity and near worldwide acceptance. New York Apostille processing is my specialty, 24/7 pickup with one day turnaround. My NYC Apostille processing is frequently, if I receive the documents early in the day, or the prior night; completed in under 24 hours.

In accordance with the resolutions reached at The Hague Convention held on October 5th, 1961 diplomas, Oaths, Affidavits, Certificates, Transcripts, and other legal documents issued/originating in one country can be accepted as notarized in other countries if they are accompanied by a notarization, verification of the notary signature and an Apostille. The prior statement assumes the document was notarized in New York City. This means that every signatory nation to the Hague's Article 12 (regarding the international use of documents) is able to recognize your Apostille bearing documents as if they had been notarized in the country of use. Non-signatory nations receive a "Certification" in lieu of an Apostille; with similar affect.

New York Notary Authentication Certificates verify the validity of the Notary Public's authority who notarized your document.   The authentication procedure is a prerequisite, in New York City, to the Apostille process. After notary Authentication, your document is taken before the office of the Secretary of State where the Apostille / Certification is processed. Currently, the Apostille bears a large gold foil embossed seal, as issued in NYC. The New York County Clerk inspects all notarized documents as part of the NYC Apostille process; the New York County Clerk will reject documents with the slightest notary error.

This Apostille is sometimes used by employers and agencies who require degree holders to have their degrees “legalized or authenticated." This procedure cannot be performed by the New York County Clerk. Care should be taken to understand that the Apostille or Certification does not make an instrument "authentic" - it only provides assurance of the identity of the person who signed the instrument. Authentication (of a notary's signature) is attached to your original notarization assuring that the notary's signature is valid and that the New York notary public was in good standing at the time the notarization was performed. The foundation for the Apostille process is a perfect NY Notary notarization. Note: The example  below, to preserve client confidentiality, is the Apostille affixed to my own birth certificate. The staple has been eliminated, a tamper resistant grommet is now used.


Apostille Procedure

  • I will confirm the identity of the signer and notarize the document, after a proper notary oath; either directly on the document (makes Faxing of the document easier) or with the appropriate notarized certificate added - your choice.

  • The documents are then validated by the Qualifying NYC County Administrator's office after the signature card of the notary has been checked and the notary commission expiration and signature verified. The New York County Clerk requires a perfect notarization.

  • An Authentication Certificate is then issued and attached to the document.
  • This document is then further inspected by the appropriate division of the Secretary of State's office. 

  • An Apostille or Certification is then added to the notarized document.
  • It is recommended that the grommet not be removed.
  • Links to obtaining Birth, Marriage, Divorce and Death Certificates are on my "Birth, Marriage, Divorce, Death Certificates PagePlease read the "Caution" at the bottom of the above link.

Special consideration and Notarial equivalents are needed for the following documents:

Birth and Death Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Certified Court judgments and New York Federal Court Documents, Educational Documents (Transcripts, Diplomas or Certificates) and Out of State Documents.  In each case, Certified Vital Statistic Registrar forms, certified copies, Authentication Certificates or other forms of affidavits may also be necessary. The appropriate procedure will be followed to assure you receive proper processing. Educational documents, to receive an Apostille; require a notary trip to the Registrar's office.

Please call if you have any questions, the procedures are a bit complex; I know how to get thru the maze!

I am confident my New York, NYC and Manhattan Apostille processing is the fastest and most professional available, 24/7, in the New York City area.  Clients include banks, brokerages, law firms, immigration attorneys, schools, colleges and universities.  To determine the specific requirements for your documents or affidavits; be it notarization, authentication, apostille or legalization; as well as the associated fees give me a call. Notarization must be perfect for an Apostille to be obtained.

All work is totally guaranteed. When you call me with your Apostille needs, I will discuss what you have and how it can be processed - or what you need to do prior to Apostille processing. I might ask you to fax the document to me for my inspection. I know what is required by the process. In no case will I arrive at your location; inspect your document, tell you it can't be processed; and ask for a fee.

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