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I offer the most reliable and accurate Mobile Notary (Notary service at your location) available in the New York Metropolitan area. With a scheduled appointment; you are assured that your document, oath or affidavit will be notarized correctly, at the time and place most convenient to you. All appointments are processed by me, my picture is at the bottom of this page; your call is never dispatched to someone else - no surprises. As a Manhattan Notary, I have notarized Oaths, Affidavits, Contracts, Wills, Power of Attorney forms, Adoption Documents, Medical Clearances at Doctor offices, etc. - with zero rejects.

It is often inconvenient or impossible to get to a Notary Public. As a Traveling NYC Notary Public I make visits to homes, offices, hospitals, and hotels; even to boats and movie sets in Central Park! As a NYC Mobile Notary, I go where I am needed. Notarization, and Authentication provides assurance that the signer of the document has shown valid photo ID to a notary. I check ID carefully prior to notarization, make appropriate logbook entries and affix my stamp, administer Oaths; and always use my New York Notary embossing seal. I verify or complete the notarization date and location, as notarized documents require the State and County where the notarization took place. The notarized name must match the identification shown to me for my Mobile Notary Certification of the signature.

For your protection I carry my official New York State Notary Commission – issued to each authorized NY notary. I also carry photo ID – my driver's license. In addition, I will provide my business card, (top of this page) and a National Notary Association receipt if payment is in cash. As a representative of the New York Department of State, I take my function very seriously. I frequently bring Notarized Documents before the New York County Clerk for their approval. You will notice my business card, driver's license, and New York Notary commission all match. Always check the ID of your notary - when they ask for your ID; ask for theirs.

It is rare, but there are times when I cannot notarize as requested. It is best that the document NOT be signed prior to my arrival, as some New York notary public wording "sworn to and subscribed before me" requires me to actually witness your signature; and there are varying formats of the Notary Oaths. Or, it can be resigned if already signed. I cannot provide “notarization via fax” as personal appearance by the signor in front of the notary is always required. As a NYC Notary, I also must decline to pre/post date Affidavits / document notarizations. Please understand the distinction between the document date and the notarization date. The document date is the effective date of the document and is of no concern to the notary. The notarization date is the actual date the signor appears before the notary and must be accurately reflected on the document. Name suffixes: Jr., III, Sr., etc must match on the document and identification. Married women, who have not changed their name on their ID, but wish to sign using their husband's surname will have to show a marriage license to support use of the new surname. Authentication by the New York Mobile Notary Public is for your protection.

 As a New York Mobile Notary, I have completed many thousands of oaths, affidavits and notarized documents in the New York City area, many complete with Authentication Certificates. However, I am not licensed for notarizing in the state of New Jersey. I am a traveling Manhattan Notary Public, covering New York City and other nearby counties. I can provide a very flexible rate structure to accommodate your needs. I have been contracted by the hour, by the notarization, and based on travel time. I will do whatever is legal and makes economic sense for both of us. If you need "just one notarization" - I suggest you duplicate the document, prior to signing and notarization, always have a copy of your Affidavits and notarized documents for your records; there is no extra charge.

I am frequently asked about my New York County Notary Stamp, especially for Adoptions and documents for use overseas. My current commission expiration date is May 15, 2018 and I am qualified by the New York County Clerk. I also carry, 24x7, a custom embosser with my complete notary information, and commission number, in addition to the usual rubber stamp with current expiration date.

Be sure the Mobile Notary Public you Select has proper equipment - ask if they have:
  • A Notary Acknowledgement Stamp to add proper notary public wording to an existing document
  • Multiple size New York Notary stamps for "tight spots" (on some Affidavits) and larger size for readability
  • Multiple embossers - one for "bottom" use / the other for "side" use
  • A good supply of NY Notary forms, Acknowledgement, Jurat, Affidavit of Photocopy, etc.
  • A copy of the Notary Law, and Phone Numbers / Addresses of Local County Clerk offices
  • A cell phone - that is always answered - by the same notary in case of a question
  • National Notary Association Receipts - often honored for rebate of New York Notary Fees
  • "Gold" foil - for embossing seals on documents to foreign countries
  • Pens, stapler, adhesive tape, etc - a NYC Mobile Notary office of supplies to solve problems
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New York City's Professional Notary Public - Kenneth A Edelstein
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