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Kenneth A Edelstein - Certified Signing Agent

After successfully completing thousands of loan packages, I have earned the right to refer to myself as one of the most experienced Manhattan Signing Agents in New York. I take pride in "keeping up to date" by being an active participant in several Notary Forums and User Groups. The exchange of ideas and tips from my peers has proven invaluable: providing me, as a New York Signing Agent; a prospective on how other professional notaries have solved unusual problems and arranged for the loan package to fund. From logging the initial scheduling request to return shipment (immediately after processing), attention to detail will be evident when you open the package. Not only do “I get the Sigs” – I get the initials too, all of them. The notarized name must match the identification shown to me for my Mobile Notary Certification of the signature.

While remaining true to the requirement of being an impartial NYC Signing Agent and notary, I know the business of "closing" the deal. I don’t want a “trip fee” or anything less than total success; a happy borrower and a delighted settlement agent. Edoc? Of course. I have DSL for high-speed download, a Dual Bin LaserJet stocked with Letter and Legal paper, and clear, clean stamps and embossers. I am fortunate to have a nearby FedEx location closing weekdays at 9:30PM providing full service - including Priority and First Overnight service. I can process the Loan Package at the borrower's home, after work; and still ship for delivery the following morning. I have access to both FedEx and UPS late night manned drop off locations.
Rush Service is the nature of the New York Signing Agent business. 10, 11, even 11:30PM closings are not a problem. I go where and when the borrower desires. After a few thousand loan packages, I have the know how to smooth out the rough spots to create signing success. Some parts of the formula are the basics of: confirming with the borrower; checking for a HUD, confirming they have photocopies of their ID, etc. I am familiar with the Patriot Act requirements and sign off willingly after giving the ID a close inspection.
I am not a Signing Service. I am an individual notary and New York Signing Agent. I never "farm out" work to others. I do the job myself every time. I actively seek the “high end” of the Manhattan Signing Agent business; where my advanced training and expertise are needed most, as in the larger than usual mortgage. I have a degree in Psychology; and frequently am assigned to the “delicate” domestic situations. Being an expert traffic navigator (with motorcycle or car), I have the knack of getting around a congested city quickly. My wife, Sandra, assists me on most signings - monitoring the cell phone so I am not distracted by incoming calls. She can always reach me via the walkie-talkies that we use for communications between us.
We always prepare the Loan Package you receive with the utmost care and attention to detail. Not a single flaw, absolutely perfect, not just our goal, but also our standard of delivery. Our NY Signing Agent service standard is to provide you, our client, with Key Client Services - every time.  You can call an untrained notary, at a low rate, or, you can call us and be assured it will be done right the first time, every time. Over the "long haul" - considering botched documents, outraged Loan Officers, and unhappy borrowers - a professional Notary Signing Agent is always a wise choice.
We are delighted when you call the borrowers and request a “report card” of my visit. Often the borrowers insist that I be scheduled for their next refinance. My standard working hours are from 10AM to 10PM - but remain flexible to other hours.

Sandra and I look forward to and thank you for your NY, NYC and Manhattan Signing Agent business – It is very much appreciated. Our goal is not “one shot” – mutual trust, respect and profit are the cornerstones of an enduring business relationship.

It is my policy to redo at no charge any part of loan package where there was a mistake or something was overlooked - due to my error. Yes, totally free - no "trip fee" or other hidden charges, I even return the correction using my FedEx account. Obviously, with a guarantee of this type it is just as important to me as it is to you to do it right the first time!


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